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Terri with Colby (age 11)

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Terri Hoag is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Substance Abuse Professional.

She has over 30 years of experience in the Human Service field.

Terri provides individual, family and couples psychotherapy services. Life can be stressful at times, Terri is here to help!

Terri also provides DOT Substance Abuse Professional-DOT SAP evaluations. She can help you if you have a DOT violation or had a positive drug or alcohol screen at work and your employer has mandated this service. The evaluation includes a face to face interview, several objective measurements, screens for drug, alcohol and depression problems, and a computer substance abuse screening inventory. Terri then makes a recommendation based on the data collected and refers the DOT covered employee to the correct level of DOT approved education or appropriate treatment for the DOT violation. After completing the recommendation, the employee must attend a follow up evaluation, and is then eligible for a DOT return to duty drug screen.

Call to Make an appointment with Terri Hoag, LCSW so you can fully enjoy life for yourself, your spouse/partner or your family by resolving life's challenges today.

Phone: (727)422-4656

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