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Depression and Anxiety:

Common concerns among many people of all ages. Working with a therapist can help you to understand and cope with depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and other similar difficulties.

Children and Adolescent Difficulties:

Being a child or teenager has its own stressors and struggles at

times. When you recognize your child or teenager needs assistance coping with difficult life transitions it is good to know a

therapist who can help you.


Couple Marital and Relationship Problems:

A relationship with a spouse or significant other can be demanding and unfortunately lead to domestic violence. Relationships require good communication skills, trust and the desire to work together to make the relationship successful.


Stress, Grief and Loss:

Everyday of our lives we experience stress, just by waking up or driving to work. Some stress is normal in life but sometimes too much stress can be overwhelming. Stress can cause many emotional and physical problems which can appear without immediate notice.

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